“Design for me is a love affair. My philosophy is that the foundation of love is the understanding of how a woman wants to feel when she is wearing a dress.” — Yan To

The Yan To brand is the embodiment of designer Yan To. Born in Hong Kong, Yan To moved to the UK at an early age and grew up in Glasgow before settling in the London area. The combination of this rich cultural foundation, a degree in psychology, and experience in advertising proved to be a powerful combination for Yan To, ultimately leading to the birth of his womenswear label.

Yan To possesses a high-end sensibility and an innate comprehension of how to dress women. At the heart of Yan To’s label is a desire to enhance how a woman looks and feels through fashion.

Yan To brings innovation to the art of dressmaking through his intuitive manipulation of fabrics to create beautiful, instantly covetable pieces. The designer’s fascination about how things work led to the discovery of three new dressmaking techniques which contributed increased aestheticism and practicality to the fashion world.

With keen attention to detail, Yan To believes in building functionality into his designs. While the brand’s pieces are outwardly striking, Yan To also uses materials and innovative techniques which provide the support necessary to enhance the female form.

With quality and integrity in mind, Yan To is committed to using the finest materials, while being eco-conscious throughout the design process.

Driven by the desire to achieve the unlikely, Yan To’s expertise in dressing women is seen and felt in each Yan To piece.

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